neilobrien [dot] online

I am an experienced, results oriented Network Engineer, driven by a thirst for knowledge and ambition to continuously improve. There are many quotes about learning, but the one that I like most is from Einstein:

"When you stop learning, you start dying".

I have an Honours Degree in Computer Science, more than 20yrs experience in the Computing/Networking/IT related fields, more than 13yrs being a Dad and Husband and more than 40yrs experience being bald (rumour has it I was born with some hair, but I have yet yet to find any evidence).

I consider myself an optimist, but like everyone, I have my struggles with reality. Searching for positives is a skill to master but one which must be practised almost every day, even more so these days.

I like to read, but I have a brutal memory, so in theory, I could just continue to re-read the same book over and over with the same enthusiasm each time. In fact, I've read "The Obstacle Is the Way" by Ryan Holiday many times, each time I take something new from it.

I love to run, on roads and trails, to keep the body and mind in shape and I enjoy helping kids reach their sporting potential.

Star Wars, Star Trek, Man Utd and Dublin GAA, not necessarily in that order. And of course Ireland is where I lay my hat.